Monday, November 16, 2009

Trip Home----part 2

On much of the trip home, there was not a cloud cover below us, so we could see some great scenery. First is the northern coast of Africa.

I wish I could remember the locations in the next photos. I believe that the first one is of the coast of Spain at Barcelona.

We were happy to get home and especially happy to see family after six weeks of being away. However, we brought many, many great memories home with us! We feel very blessed to have had the experience of living and working in Tanzania. We have many new friends that will not be forgotten. Our hopes are that the many people we met and talked with will draw closer and closer to the Father. Seeds were planted. We look forward to July of 2010, when we will return to Tanzania!
In early April we plan to return to Asia for 6 weeks of the English Conversation lessons. Come back to our blog site in early summer to read about that project.
We ask the Father's blessings on all of you who partner with us through prayers and contributions. Contact us if you wish more information or if you are interested in going yourself!

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