Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's Start Talking

If you ever have wanted to share the Good News but just did not know how, LST might just be for you! It is very non-threatening and non-confrontational, and it is based on a friendship approach to study. People in other countries desperately want to learn English better in order to improve their job possibilities or to even get a job. They are amazed that we offer free English conversation lessons, and they really want to learn English from native speakers. In most places there is an ongoing waiting list of people who want to practice English from the book of Luke.
Everyone is a winner in this approach!
Go to the Let's Start Talking website to find out more.

The following link is not to the general LST site, but it is to my donor page. Consider being a partner in our upcoming trips to Asia and to Africa. Ron and I plan on being at each site for 6 weeks and each of us reading approximately 7 hours per day for all 12 weeks.

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