Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lauren Twirls, Collin Falls, Katelyn Didn't Do It!

As Jan prepares to fly to England, she gets to hold Collin and feed him before she goes. Collin really relaxed in her arms and almost went to sleep. But with Lauren and Katelyn playing he just had to get up and Play.
Lauren was able to twirl around and her skirt looked really cool so Steve took a photo as she was twirling.
Collin really wanted to play outside but it was raining.
So Collin played a little while inside. At one point he was standing next to the couch and just toppled over hitting his head on the floor with a big bang. Steve took this photo of the results and honest... Katelyn didn't have anything to do with him falling over... even though she looks a bit guilty in the next photo.

(Steve taught me how to blog, and this was the first entry before I left for England. Maybe I can remember what Steve showed me........we will see......)